The “Butterfly” Effect: Social Media Edition

Butterfly Effect.png

It’s been three days since we’ve launched, you know. More than a Mic Check has stolen the show! If you are new to party, K3mistry Productions recently began a social media campaign looking to highlight the promotion of sex in hip-hop culture and speak on certain realities regarding both sexual relationships and sexual behavior. Hip-hop culture, of course, includes music videos, clothing styles, and popular songs by rap artists. More than a Mic Check, which is in operation for a week’s time (Dec. 6th to Dec. 12th), has primarily gained traction on Instagram and, to a certain extent, Facebook thus far. If you haven’t seen any of the posts on either social media platform, definitely check them out by searching for #morethanamiccheck on either of the aforementioned social media sites.

In addition to Instagram and Facebook posts, More than a Mic Check has also been in operation on Twitter and the K3mistry Productions Pinterest account (we’re still figuring out how to work that thoroughly…). Again, you can find these posts on both social media sites by looking for #morethanamiccheck. Photo_2015-12-07_08-13-44_AM[1]Posts usually are presented in the following manner: 1) the “Fact” number, 2) a  video or comment, and 3) a statistic or fact about sex. More than a Mic Check posts are seen on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook as 14-15 second video clips. Clips that do not contain a video within them have a hip-hop song playing in the background. Comments and facts or statistics on these clips without video directly correlate with lyrics stressed by the song’s artist. Two posts, one having a video within and one containing just comments, are uploaded to social media sites three times each day, 9:00 a.m., 3:00 p.m., and 9:00 p.m. Reasons for uploading two different videos on each occasion have to do with our curiosity regarding response patterns. At the culmination of  More than a Mic Check we will attempt to see which type of post receives more attention overall. As a side note, Pinterest receives only one post on each occasion in the form seen above. Posts are uploaded in this fashion since Pinterest is a social media tool designed for picture sharing.

Since this campaign is in operation for a week and six posts are uploaded (on every social media platform but Pinterest) each day, there will be 42 “Fact” clips in total. We are hoping that with all of these clips, people will begin to interact through comments, shares, and likes in large number. Facts and statistics presented cover a range of data related to sex, from the representation of certain groups in hip-hop culture to information coming out of the Centers for Disease Control. It is important to note that while certain facts and statistics might be commonsense to some, others may not feel the same. Therefore, a range of information is presented.

In our last post, we stated that the hip-hop songs we chose would be coming from the Billboard Top 100. When looking at the Billboard Top 100 chart, however, we saw that hip-hop music is grouped with R&B. That got us to thinking…aren’t hip-hop and R&B usually grouped together when it comes to radio stations? In today’s music, we often see an infusion of both musical genres. This makes it likely that we will find traces of hip-hop in R&B songs. Just take R&B singer Trey Songz for example. His latest mixtape (since when did singers release those??) showcases this infusion of hip-hop and R&B perfectly. Heck, even open online forums are taking note of this new trend. It is because of this that More than a Mic Check has incorporated R&B songs from the Billboard Top 100 into its posts.

As was stated in an earlier postMore than a Mic Check is specifically designed to help youth become more media literate, which is especially important since 92 percent of teens are reported as going online daily. Special attention is placed on black youth since hip-hop culture is often considered black culture. It should be noted that this campaign is not meant to criticize or condemn any hip-hop artist or their music. Instead, More than a Mic Check‘s main goal is to create a learning environment via social media that will allow youth to critically think about the music they are listening to, whether passively or actively.

**As a side note, we have discontinued utilizing Google+ as a method for sharing information. Nevertheless, we want to know what you all think about the campaign thus far. Is there anything intriguing or new that we’ve posted? What would you like to see changed? Let us know! Thanks!!



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