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We’ve given you stories highlighting racial and ethnic injustice, empathized with victims of false representation by the media, and even took the time to briefly mull over a highly regarded health theory! All of this, with such short staffing (reasons for our delays in posting at times…). But what’s next? What can we do to captivate a wider audience, though we’ve appreciated the support thus far, and create a network of dialogue regarding media and its effects on society as a whole? Well, there are some options…

First on our bucket list is the More than a Mic Check social media campaign! In case you haven’t caught on to the buzz surrounding More than a Mic Check, we suggest you take a look at our previous blog posts spanning over the past week. This social media campaign was pretty successful. More than a Mic Check served as a pilot study for our parent company, K3mistry Productions, to understand how to effectively run a unique social media campaign regarding a specific health topic showcased by media outlets across the country. FB_IMG_1450395328496[1].jpgIn this case, it was hip-hop culture and sex. We are currently writing up a report based on the results of More than a Mic Check, which will be made accessible either next week or the week after (our weblog falls on New Year’s Eve this year!!!). All in all, what we observed with our pilot social media campaign got us to thinking. Maybe this should be a thing we do once in a while. There are some ideas we have in the making regarding other topics. This would mean a more dynamic, impactful campaign of course!

K3mistry Productions seeks to engage with and actively help out youth populations, specifically those belonging to marginalized groups. While K3mistry has been hard at work with its current endeavors (i.e. music and publishing), it is important to realize that strictly distributing products isn’t going to make our population of interest feel appreciated or valued. Instead, this comes off as being a money making scheme cloaked in a sincere veil. Case and point: the “higher” album. FB_IMG_1450366566577[1].jpgK3mistry Productions released its second album, “higher”, as a product for sale. While this may have caught many by surprise (seeing that K3mistry has yet to gain a huge following) we believed that collecting a small profit would help finance other future ventures regarding youth empowerment. If you don’t believe this, check out our post on the album. Nevertheless, K3mistry has realized that engagement and education should take on forms outside of the profiteering realm, even if the money collected would be invested into youth-related programs. That’s why we made an effort to get people’s opinions for an upcoming youth panel discussion (that we will be financing of course) regarding the portrayal of black women in the media. FB_IMG_1450395110820[1].jpgThis panel, which is linked to a previous blog post written on the same topic, will be filmed and uploaded to our YouTube channel sometime during the beginning of next year.

Speaking of uploading videos, K3mistry has been hard at work filming music videos for “higher” (sidebar – let’s all just make like the “Metropolis Lp” videos never happened…). Budgetary constraints obviously play a role in how many and when items are uploaded or distributed, but we assure you things will be on there way! For example, let’s go back to discussing the idea of social media campaigns. K3mistry’s idea for a new campaign will be in the works during January 2016. More on this will be discussed during the third week in January (no spoilers, sorry!).

Then there is the matter of book publishing. If you tuned into the K3mistry Productions Facebook page in early July, our commander in chief, J. Stokes, spoke about having a book published by the end of the year. Obviously, that didn’t happen…reasons being because of issues with finding a printing company to partner with us. But, there’s good news! We found a printing company and will be publishing books for distribution around February or March 2016. While no one has really seen any of the content from our books, we are proud to announce that these books will be part of a collection, called The Red Series. Each book within the collection will have a different premise and serve as an entirely separate story on its own. Here’s a picture we’ve been working on from our fourth book (yes, three have already been completed):VZM.IMG_20151125_191504[1]

So, there you have it. We’ve got campaigns, youth panels, music videos, books, and of course more blog posts! But, it seems there’s something missing here… Oh yeah, music! If you’ve been following the K3mistry Facebook page, you probably saw snippets of our singer Brandon Tyler here and there. We are working on an album with him, but we are working on perfecting his product with K3mistry. Our other artist, Memo, will also be releasing some more works. In fact, the notebook you see the “higher” cover art that Memo is holding contains about three albums in it, excluding “Metropolis Lp” and “higher”. So, the music will be on its way, though there are no release dates as of late.

And so we go back to our previously stated question from above: What can we do to captivate a wider audience and create a network of dialogue regarding media and its effects on society as a whole? Part of that answer lies in the additions to K3mistry Productions that we’ve mentioned throughout this post. Furthermore, utilizing this weblog to expand on issues regarding media and speak on the accomplishments of K3mistry is necessary for captivating a large, hopefully youth-filled, audience both in the U.S. and around the globe (yes, we see those of you from Europe who’ve been tuning in). Lastly, for those of you who have made comments on some of our posts, to show that we are appreciative we will be dedicating some of the final posts of this year, 2015, to answering any possible questions raised. Tit 4 Tat greatly appreciates is readers and wants everyone to feel their voice is being heard. So thank you for supporting us, and we look forward to an awesome new year full of success and surprises! Ultimately, this entire operation serves as a way to empower youth and lead to a healthier, wiser nation (maybe even world) of people.

**Let us know what else you’d like to see, or leave comments with thoughts and concerns. Thanks!!


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