Read between the Lines

Read between the Lines

Written by: J. Stokes – December 13, 2016


Traditionally speaking, the holidays are a time for gift giving. While we here at Tit 4 Tat don’t wish to further perpetuate this idea that the holidays are only about buying things, there is something we’d like to offer as a gift choice. The stocking stuffer we are proposing is the book Pathway to Heaven, which was published through Escape, a subsidiary of K3mistry Productions (you know, the company we write for?). In previous posts, we’ve mentioned this book but haven’t expanded upon its overall meaning. Pathway to Heaven is the first of a collection of books called The Red Series. These books were created to educate middle and high school-aged youth about certain life lessons, in essence bringing back the idea that stories should teach morals.

C Moorer. (Image Credit:

Pathway to Heaven, being the first book, spearheaded this method of teaching youth while also providing entertainment through storytelling. When this book was first written, however, making it part of a series was not the original idea. Instead, Pathway to Heaven was inspired by Dr. Cleamon Moorer’s From Failure to Promise: An Uncommon Path to Professoriate, published in 2010. In his book, Dr. Moorer tells the story of his path to becoming an engineer. The book details his battles with many life challenges, ultimately leading to his realization that having a strong faith in God is essential for success and prosperity. Dr. Moorer’s tale was the inspiration for Pathway to Heaven. While this book does not focus on faith or God, the overall theme of dealing with trials and tribulations to reach one’s career path was kept.

Going from Pathway to Heaven to an entire book series was the result of a trip to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Universal Studios is filled with many worlds for visitors to explore. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter alone is enough to inspire one to strive for greatness! This aspect of the theme park resort resembles that of the Harry Potter film series almost completely. Likewise, Simpsons’ Springfield is sure to make one feel as if they are physically walking into an episode of The Simpsons. After traveling to Universal Studios and witnessing their real-world adaptions of various fictional spaces (hey, that rhymes!), The Red Series was born…

Since Pathway to Heaven’s release in April of this year, there have been three additional books written and illustrated containing follow-up stories. Adding to this, Escape has started its own YouTube channel dedicated to promoting The Red Series and other book-related news that are specific to the company. In an effort to make this collection of short stories even more appealing, The Red Series decided to add videos that fill in story gaps between book releases. The following video was Escape’s most recent upload:

Another video is likely to surface soon considering this is the holiday season. It is hoped that The Red Series will eventually appeal to a wide audience. Escape has managed to sell over 40 copies of Pathway to Heaven thus far, so that vision for the future may not be all too farfetched. As was mentioned in a previous post, the profits from these books are being used to establish a scholarship fund for underprivileged high school youth in Connecticut who plan on attending college after graduation. This use of book sales to establish a scholarship was also inspired by Dr. Moorer, who has financially helped students since 2011 through an essay contest revolving around themes found in his book. Therefore, supporting Pathway to Heaven and The Red Series is a way of supporting the younger populations around you. First, there is an understanding that the content provided by each book, as well as the videos, are meant to educate youth about common moralities (it’s realized that not everyone has the same morals) and making intelligent life decisions. Second, The Red Series is meant to support those who seek better educational opportunities. Escape is also willing to take suggestions for this collection of books, especially from youth. Below you’ll see a list of potential topics given by a group of sixth-graders from Dolan Middle School in Connecticut this past Spring:


As we draw to a close, we’d like to point out that Escape has sold enough copies of Pathway to Heaven to release its next book in the series. Though we are not revealing the name of this upcoming book, we will say that it definitely adds some flavor to the collection. Moreover, it is scheduled for release around the end of January next year. If you have any thoughts about future videos or books that you’d like to see, please let us know and we’ll relay the message to our Escape team. Also, for those of you who have read Pathway to Heaven or have watched any videos from The Red Series, feel free to leave comments and ratings/likes via or Escape’s YouTube channel. Lastly, if you haven’t had a chance to purchase Pathway to Heaven yet, you should definitely look into getting one as a holiday present (click on the link to order a copy). Thanks for reading and Happy Holidays, everyone!


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